About Us

About Us

Rubbys is a product of personal experience.

As a new mum, I experienced first hand the difficulties of both partners working full time and trying to keep on top of managing a home.

I decided to start Rubbys as a one stop shop for great quality cleaning and domestic support.

The aim is to provide affordable domestic support and topnotch cleaning services needed to keep on top of chores and help take away a bit of the pressure of cleaning and managing the home.

I come from a health and social care background and have plenty of experience managing clients and ensuring that they are happy with the services they are receieving.


At Rubbys, we put a personalised touch to the services we provide to ensure that you as a client and an employee feel valued.

We know the value of consistency and aim to have a regular employee attending to you. This will helps build a sound work relationship and understanding of the type of support and services required by you.

We provide a range of well designed services to make your life easier and are constantly working on new products to meet the varied needs of our clients.

We are a responsible and compassionate employer and we offer flexible working times to fit our employee's availabilty. Our work schedules fits nicely around the school run. This is to ensure that our employees who are parents can work without the burden of extra childcare cost.

If you would like to work with us or know someone who might fit in with our company's vision, Get in touch

All our staff are trained to a very high standard and they go a thorough vetting process to ensure you get nothing but the best

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries

- Abi