Welcome to our FAQ page.

Below are some of the most common questions asked about our services.

If you have any further questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch

Q. What areas do Rubbys LTD cover?

A. Bromley & Lewisham. If you live outside these areas please Contact us

Q. What are your customer service hours?

A. 9a.m to 5pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays 

Q. How do I book a cleaning service?

A. Contact us and one of our staff would take you through our very simple booking process.

Q. Will my cleaner come with their own vacuum, mop and cleaning products?

A. Our cleaners don't carry vacuum and mop. However, they can come with cleaning products if you so request for an additional fee of £5.00.

Q. Can I book a laundry and ironing service as well as the cleaning service?

A. Yes, you can. Simply add on these services during the booking process.

Q. What extra service can my domestic cleaner provide?

A. Laundry


    Indoor window cleaning

    Fridge cleaning

    Oven cleaning

These additional services are charged for seperately

Q. Can i reschedule or cancel my cleaning service?

A. Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your cleaning service. However, we ask that you kindly give at least a 6 hours notice period. if your cleaner arrives and is unable to gain access to the property you will be charged the full price of the service.

Q. Do you train your staff?

A. Yes, Our staff are very well trained.

Q. Do you do a background check on your cleaners?

A. Yes, all our cleaners go through a rigorous background check and a CRB check as well

Q. Do you clean commercial properties?

A. Yes, we do. Contact us for enquiries and quotes.

Q. How much do you charge per hour?

A. We charge a flat rate of £15 an hour, with a minimum booking of 2 hours.

Q. Can my cleaner clean while I'm out?

A. For a one off cleaning service, we require someone to be present.

    For regular bookings, the cleaner can clean while you are out.

Q.   Can I give the cleaners specific instructions on how to clean?

A. Yes, you are welcome to leave up to 5 specific instructions for your cleaner via the booking process. This way your cleaner has access to your instructions before and during the cleaning service.

Q. What domestic services can my cleaner not do?

A. For health and safety reason, the cleaner should not be expected to:

- Clean outside windows, garages, patios and sheds.

- Undertake gardening or landscaping

- Clean heavily soiled areas or animal litter

- Lift or move heavy items

- Clean surfaces beyond normal reach.

Q. Can i book an urgent cleaning service?

A. We would do our best to accomodate your urgent request however, this is subject to the availability of our cleaners

Q.  Will I always have the same cleaner?

A. We know the importance of consistency, hence we would work hard to ensure we pair you with a regular cleaner.

Q. What time will my cleaner arrive?

A. We would provide you with a 1 hour window timeframe for your cleaner's arrival. 

Q. Can I give my cleaner a tip?

A. Do not feel obliged to give your cleaner a Tip. However, if you choose to tip your cleaner please note that it will be documented on their service sheet for our records.

Q. Can I book my cleaning on a bank holiday?

A. Yes but this comes at an additional cost of £5 per hour ontop of the regular rates

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the cleaning service?

A. If you are not satisfied with service you have recieved, Please contact us within 24 hours and we would send you someone else to ensure you get nothing but the best service.

For further enquires, please do not hesitate to contact us